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Gluten Free – Marketing Gone Wrong

I will never forget the first time I heard the words gluten-free. It was the end of a long day at work, and I was waiting to catch the bus home.

Out of the blue, this man stepped right by me on a skateboard. “Ma’am,” he said catching my attention. “Would you like some marijuana cookies?”. “No, thank you,” I responded, stepping a few feet from him.

“They’re gluten-free!” he said. The nerve, I thought to myself. First, he referred to me as Ma’am which caught me by surprise because he was obviously older than me.

Next, he offered me marijuana cookies, and when I said no, he threw in the gluten-free line. I walked away in a huff as he went along and offered the next person gluten-free marijuana cookies.

Back in the day, smartphones were non-existent and as soon as I got home, I hopped onto my laptop and checked out gluten-free.

In the weeks that followed, I could not help but think about this “salesperson”. This person was offering all commuters some cookies, out of the blue. It made me think about the need to identify a smart marketing plan.

Would you buy gluten-free marijuana cookies from some random person on the street?

While this man had the audacity to reach out to a total stranger at the bus stop, he did not have an effective marketing plan.

Gluten-Free Marketing Tips

If you are providing goods or services, you must decide who your target audience is, and you must know what your niche market is.

Some VAs prefer to work with philanthropists, coaches, or real estate. Each of these market segments has its own unique needs.

A VA must spend time and effort figuring out who their niche market is and must be ok with the idea that not all clients out there will make their ideal clients.

Once a VA figures out who their ideal client is, and what the market segment is, then they should then adapt a marketing plan to not only gain the trust of their ideal client but to also create a service that stands out from the rest.

Be a Unique Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant (VA), you are a small business owner, you are an entrepreneur. It is in your best interest to figure out how to package the goods and services you are providing to appeal to your target audience.

In addition, you must develop a unique value proposition. You must tell your target audience and niche market why your services will be value-added to their small business.

Furthermore, You must be concise and clear about what you bring to the table.

To be successful in business, you must build a strong brand identity. Set yourself apart from others. Many people are familiar with the red and white logo of Coca-Cola or the golden arches of Mcdonald’s.

Wherever you may find yourself and you see these brand colors, you will know exactly what they represent.

So, as a VA, how do you set yourself apart from others? How do you stand out from the crowd? Do your customers know you and your business as an entity they can trust? What memories does your brand evoke? What is your color theme? What fonts do you use? Yes, all these details matter.

You not only have to understand your brand but also realize that marketing is a continuous process. As much as business needs change, your brand has to continually evolve.

Do it…

Go out there, either on your website or on social media. Leverage the ever-changing digital world that we live and do business in.

Enhance your brand’s credibility.

Keep your promise.

Go the extra mile.

Be the best at what you do.

Build your brand.

If you encounter bumps along the way, it’s ok to slow down and keep moving.

Keep building. Keep marketing. Keep soaring.

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