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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

Who is a virtual assistant? I will answer this question for you in a detailed yet easy-to-read manner.

Hold on for just a second. A Virtual Assistant? Before the answer, let us expound more. In a fast-paced world, you must make an effort to keep up.

Who is a Virtual Assistant

Who is a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant is commonly referred to as a VA and is usually self-employed.

VAs provides various services to business owners remotely.

Most VAs are freelancers and offer you flexibility, save time, and save on costs among other benefits.

If you have not hired a VA yet, it is time to hire one and see how your business grows in a short span of time.

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Below we shall uncover and discuss with you who a VA is and why you need one now.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A VA is different from an in-person assistant because they do not have to be physically present and this comes with so many advantages.

With a VA, you will save on costs, save time, achieve more, and scale your business with ease among other benefits.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) wear many hats.

Some provide general services such as administrative management, event management, social media management, bookkeeping, blog post writing, and copywriting, among many others.

Others specialize in transcription, translation, and captioning among others.

Some VAs specialize in different niches for example the legal industry, the music industry, or the wedding industry.

VAs who provide administrative management might schedule appointments, manage email accounts, or make phone calls.

Event managers will coordinate events and handle event logistics.

Social media managers will represent the business owner across social media channels.

They manage campaigns, develop strategies for product launches, and analyze data across platforms among other tasks assigned by the business owner.

In addition to the above, there are Virtual Assistants who niche find a target market or industry, and specialize in it.

Niching is a way of providing services to a certain market, where a VAs expertise can be used to support a business owner.

For example, a VA who niches in the legal industry can create presentations, assist in pre-trial preparations, transcribe recordings, and conduct research.

Tasks such as legal transcription call for a VA who understands legal jargon can type fast and accurately and is able to do research.

In essence, you can get a VA for any business vertical that you are operating in or looking forward to venturing into.

VA Skills to Look Out for

In addition to the above skills, a VA must possess some soft skills – these skills will set out a good and average VA.

Whether a VA niches or whether they provide general services, every VA needs to have a basic understanding of business principles and a certain set of skills.

Some skills include self-motivation, exceptional communication skills both verbal and written, flexibility, reliability, integrity, ability to meet deadlines, tech savviness, and great organizational skills.

Without the above soft skills, it would be hard to achieve much with your VA.

A Virtual Assistant’s Tools and Technology Know-How

To manage tasks effectively, your VA will need tools and some tech know-how.

Like in any other venture or job, we do require a set of tools to enable us to perform the tasks ahead of us.

A VA is not an exception to this – they require some tools so that they can perform their tasks optimally and produce results within the agreed timelines.

Depending on the area of specialization, the tools may differ. However, a computer and an internet connection apply to all VAs.

With transcription, a VA may need a pair of good headphones coupled with necessary transcription software if need be.

Other tasks require communication hardware like headsets while others require software in order to perform optimally.

Video conferencing tools and email handling tools may also come in handy in regard to these two areas.

Above all, having a tech-savvy VA who understands the basics of handling the tools and tech they are utilizing is a big bonus to you as a business owner.

It would be wise to research widely on the tools and tech know-how that you would require from a VA before you hire them

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you are busy and finding it hard to manage your business by yourself, then you may need the services of a VA.

If these questions cross your mind often then, start the process of hiring a VA…

  • Is there so much work and very little time to accomplish it?
  • Do you feel like you need a second hand?
  • Are you spending so much time accomplishing tasks that you really don’t like?
  • Do you feel the urge to scale your business?
  • Are you missing deadlines and business opportunities?

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you need a Virtual Assistant to help you in the next chapter of your business.

Hiring the right VA is a task in itself. You must be careful and do due diligence so as not to fall prey to online cons.

Before hiring one, think through it and then prepare yourself properly with all the information you may require.

We did a comprehensive article on hiring a virtual assistant and we think it can be of great help to you as you undertake this important milestone.

To Sum it Up

Getting the right fit VA for your business is a milestone that is worth celebrating. A VA comes with multiple benefits and advantages as expounded above.

The right virtual assistant will help with increased productivity and will help you save on costs among other benefits.

If you get it right from the word go, then you will reap the benefits and grow your business to great heights.

This is the right time for you to get a professional and expert VA – do not wait even a minute more – hire one now.

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